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Brady Cone

The Great Exchange Podcast is about exchanging the lies that we believe for God's truth. 

In Romans Chapter 1, the apostle Paul explains the progression which leads to homosexuality. It all started when they "traded the truth about God for a lie." (v.25). This led them to worship creation, instead of the Creator. This worship of each other led to lust, and they had unnatural relations with people of the same gender. 

And it all started with trading God's truth for a lie. That is where all sin issues begin, right? For nearly a decade, the lies that I had believed led me to a gay identity and lifestyle. By God's grace, the Gospel intervened in my life. Having surrendered my life to Christ, He started me down a journey of revealing the lies I had believed, and exchanging them for his truth. 

The lies I had believed are everywhere. They have permeated our culture, churches, marriages and relationships. Join us weekly on The Great Exchange Podcast as we discuss, reveal, and expose those lies. And we pray that you are able to exchange them for God's truth. 


The Great Exchange Podcast is a production of Calibrate Ministries. You can help support The Great Exchange Podcast by Giving HERE. 

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